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About Solar-ID's CONCEPT


I established Solar-ID because of family reports about delays in rescue by First Responders. First Responders report difficulty finding locations because identification numbers either not being present or being obscured. The problem is even more complex in rural locations. A survey of First Responders confirmed difficulty in finding some locations quickly and accurately especially at night. Even when using global positioning systems (GPS) they have had difficulty quickly and accurately identifying locations. There have been ample media reports of police going to the wrong house. <br>
Solar-ID’s high visibility number identification system will help solve this unmet need and may even save lives during a crisis where seconds count.

Each number is a separate, self-contained, weather resistant solar powered module. Each number has high contrast white numbers on a black background for daytime visibility. Each number is outlined on its surface and directly lluminated with 8-12 LEDs for high nighttime visibility. The numbers are 4 inches tall making them visible from distances of 200 feet and can be positioned anywhere where First Responders and the sun can easily see them.

I’m a Viet Nam veteran, with 30 years of experience dealing with critical injuries, amputations and my patients’ families during crisis. While designed to help during medical crisis the numbers can be also be used by residential, commercial, recreational and transportation entities. The numbers can be used to display site identification numbers but also to create any other numbers such as your business phone number or even business name.
While my career has me focusing on your safety, imagine how easy it will be for your friends to find your house and delivery services to get your address correct.

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