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Frequently Asked Questions


1. Why does the brightness of the LEDs change?
After the sun has charged the batteries the lights will be at maximum brightness. As the charge in the batteries is used the lights will be less bright or shut off until the sun recharges the batteries. The numbers with more LEDs use more battery energy then those with less light so will dim somewhat sooner as the battery’s stored power is used.
2. I just bought my numbers and they don't turn on in the dark, what should I do?
The batteries have lost their charge. Expose them to sunlight for at least 6-8 hours to recharge the batteries.

3. How should I hold my numbers in position?
Outdoor mounting tape works best and Velcro works well unless used on a very textured surface. On coarse textured surfaces use screws to fix the black base in position or use screws or nails put through the tape or Velcro to further secure the mounting strip. Placing the numbers inside a window of your house or business setting on a ledge or pane also works. Transparent double-sided tape placed on the front of the modules window will hold the numbers against the inside of glass windows.
4. I dropped my number and the container came apart what should I do?
The device protective cover is designed to protect the electronic circuits. If the cover pops off when dropped be careful with the glass solar panels. Keep them clean and protected. Before putting the cover back on put the device in a dark room and make sure it works. If it works put the cover back on and position it. If it doesn't work read the manual on removing the display board to make sure the batteries are still in position and are connected. Excessive forces can dislodge batteries.
5. How do I remove the number's window?
The translucent cover has two latches that secure the cover on the black base. Use a small flat head 3/8 “ screw driver to push between the black base and clear lens on the bottom corners of the lens. Twist the screw drive and pop up the cover and slide the clear window up with your thumb. Check the You Tube video for a video demonstration on removing the cover. Be careful when the protective cover is removed to avoid injuring the glass solar panels, LEDs and circuits.
6. When should I replace the rechargeable AAA batteries?
The AAA rechargeable batteries should be replaced every two years with NiMH or NiCD AAA batteries with a rating of 400 mAh or greater.
7. Are other colors available?
Other colors of the black base and circuit board are not available at this time. The color of the LEDs can be changed as mentioned in the additional information section by painting the surface of the LEDs.
8. Why don't my LEDs stay on all night?
During consecrative very cloudy days and during winter when days are short, the solar panels may not collect enough energy to keep the LEDs turned on through the entire night. On cloudy days one hour of daylight will provide enough energy for the LEDs to stay on for one hour. On sunny days one hour of sunlight will store enough energy for the LEDs to remain turned on for 2 hours. Rechargeable batteries can store unused energy for future use. Many other factors also impact solar energy collection.
9. Why Isn’t the Mounting Tape Sticking?
Using the mounting tape during very cold weather or on very coarse textures will require more tape or other methods of fixation. Using mounting tape on cleaned surface and while temperatures are above freezing is the most reliable when attaching the numbers to your display surface.

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