Aweome House Numbers, 8-12 LED, High Visibility, Solar Power

Best gift, USA manufactured, renewable, visibility, no wires, no assembly,building code compliant

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What Are House Numbers By Solar-ID

If you are looking for the latest technology, high visibility of your location's numbers, or a great gift, your search engine browser has rewarded your endeavors.

Solar-ID house numbers contrast 4" tall white numbers against a black background providing high contrast and amplified visibility during the day time. Night time visibility is provided by solar powered light emitting diodes (LEDs) placed on the surface of each number. The number automatically turn on at night time and shut off at sunrise. While shut off the numbers are still working for you by storing the sun's energy in the readily available AAA rechargeable batteries. The numbers and 4 solar panels are enclosed in a weather resistant polycarbonate container. The solar panels point in different directions giving higher solar energy collection capability. There are no wires to connect, no assembly required and they can be positioned in unqiue patterns

When you click on purchase numbers, you will be directed to our shopping page. Numbers will be mailed from Minneapolis, MN where we manufacturer the numbers.

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